What are the features of GetResponse?

What are the features of GetResponse?

GetResponse is one of the leading email marketing and sales platforms that enables businesses to create highly responsive emails, landing pages, forms and webinars. It uses a powerful technology called Marketing Automation that offers one of the best automated marketing experiences for small as well as big businesses. With GetResponse, you can create not just effective email campaigns but also make use of its features such as Landing pages, Webinars, Sales Funnels etc. to drive more revenue for your business.


Automated email marketing is the most powerful feature of GetResponse. It allows you to automate your entire campaign and schedule automatic sending, such as once a week or once a month.

You can create automated email marketing campaigns that send emails on their own, so that it’s not up to you when they go out. You can also set up autoresponders that send out emails in response to specific actions by visitors or subscribers. 

For example, if someone leaves comments on one of your blog posts or sends an email through the contact form on your website, an autoresponder could automatically be triggered asking them how they heard about you and what they thought about the post/page before moving on with whatever else it had planned for them (like sending another email with more information).

Automated email marketing makes it much easier for users who are not familiar with testing different times and dates before sending their messages out than doing all this manually would be–and it doesn’t require any coding skills either!


Autoresponders are a great way to automate your email marketing campaigns. They allow you to send emails automatically in response to triggers such as someone subscribing, clicking on an email link, or making a purchase.

For example:

  • You can set up an autoresponder that sends out a welcome email immediately after someone subscribes to your list.
  • You can set up an autoresponder that sends out an introductory sequence when someone signs up for your free trial of the GetResponse software platform. This introductory sequence could include how-to videos and other useful content designed specifically for new users.
  • You can set up an autoresponder that sends out thank you emails after someone purchases something from your online store (eBay or Amazon Marketplace sellers may want this).


GetResponse Live Chat is the easiest way to connect with your customers online.

Chat directly with your customers and make more sales with our easy-to-use live chat software that comes free with every GetResponse account.

With Live Chat, you can:

* Connect with, engage, and support your customers online in real time.

* Turn website visitors into leads automatically by adding a widget to your website that prompts them to start chatting when they land on your page.

* Provide exceptional customer service without having to hire more employees or train existing staff members to deal with customer inquiries.

Conversion funnel

Ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level? Discover how GetResponse’s Sales Funnel Software can get you started!

GetResponse has prebuilt funnels are the right choice for automated campaigns with a specific goal. Prebuilt funnels allow you to get started quickly, without having to customize your emails or forms. They give you access to proven templates that have already been tested and found effective.

Ready to try them out?

Start by creating your first campaign in just 5 minutes! You can choose from one of our predefined templates or build your own from scratch.


Drafts are saved emails that you can use as templates for future emails. You will find drafts in the Drafts folder of your mailbox. The subject line of all drafts is “Draft”.

You can use drafts for email marketing, newsletters or any other purpose where a template may be helpful. If you have multiple lists and would like to send an email to all of them at once, draft an email with a personalized message inside it and then send all at once from the Drafts folder (right-click on the draft).

Email marketing

Email marketing is the process of creating and sending email messages to a list of contacts or customers, usually advertising a product or service. It is used in direct mail as a way to communicate with clients/customers/prospects. In addition, email marketing offers a way to keep your business in front of your customers.

Email marketing can be done automatically or manually. Automated email campaigns are sent out through software that manages all aspects of the campaign including content creation and delivery while manual campaigns are created by you.

With GetResponse, you can get started with email marketing software in a matter of minutes.

Here are the fundamental features that make it so easy to use:

-The drag-and-drop email editor makes designing emails a breeze. Just drag and drop the elements you need, and customize your emails with our easy-to-use options.

-You don’t have to be a designer to create beautiful HTML emails. Our drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for everyone to create professional looking emails.

-You can easily send bulk emails or one by one with our campaign management tool. Send your newsletters, promotions and updates with just a few clicks!

The first step to using GetResponse is creating an account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be given access to a variety of tools and resources that will help you get started on your email marketing journey.

You can start by creating your first campaign and sending an email to your subscribers. You can also create a welcome email for new subscribers, as well as design emails for specific events, like a promotion or offer.

You can also use the GetResponse Email Marketing Software to measure the success of your campaigns using metrics such as open rates, click-through rates and unsubscribe rates.

Files and images

GetResponse has a variety of tools that let you collect, organize and store files, images, photos and documents. You can manage all your files in one place with the Files and Images page. Upload audio and video files to your account and then add them to your messages, forms or landing pages for creative marketing campaigns.

GetResponse also offers 5000 (five thousand) professional-quality pictures from Shutterstock that you can use in your marketing campaigns.

GetResponse’s Files and Images page is a powerful tool for managing your image and document files, as well as audio and video files. You can upload, store, organize, and manage these files within GetResponse’s secure environment.

Forms and popups

Forms and popups are a great way to collect user data. You can set up forms and popups on your landing pages, as well as inside your emails.

You can use the GetResponse Form Builder to create professional looking forms that are optimized for conversions. You can also use their Forms Designer to create custom HTML forms from scratch.

You can create and manage popup messages in two places: Campaign Settings > Popup module (visible only if you have enabled popups) or on an individual email message by going into its content editor > Popup tab

GetResponse MAX

MAX Automation is the feature that really sets GetResponse MAX apart from other email marketing software. It’s an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that lets you create and manage email chains, or sequences of emails that are sent out one after another.

GetResponse MAX also has a wide range of other useful features like advanced segmentation, A/B split testing and intelligent opt-in forms for collecting leads and driving conversions.

Integrations and API

GetResponse offers a number of exciting integrations, which can help you reach your customers and increase sales.

Integrations by GetResponse

– Connecting other services with GetResponse opens a lot of doors. You can connect your email marketing service to Google Analytics or Facebook so that you can see how many people are opening your emails and clicking through to your website. You can also set up automated emails that go out when someone signs up for your mailing list or makes a purchase on your website. These integrations make it easy to keep tabs on what’s happening in your business.

Integrations by Zapier

– There are also tons of integrations available if you want to use Zapier to connect GetResponse with other tools you already use, like Shopify or MailChimp.

Magento and GetResponse

– If you’re using Magento, it’s easy to set up the integration between these two platforms so that new customers get added automatically to your Magento contacts list after signing up for an account on your site. This saves time and helps ensure that no one slips through the cracks!

PayPal and GetResponse

You can connect your PayPal account to your GetResponse account and start using it as a payment method for your email marketing campaigns. This will allow you to track the success of your campaigns in real time. You will also be able to use PayPal’s powerful reporting tools to analyze which emails are most effective and which ones need improvement.

Prestashop and GetResponse

If you use Prestashop e-commerce platform, then connecting it with GetResponse is an excellent choice for any business owner who wants to grow their sales through email marketing campaigns. The integration will allow you to create personalized messages for each customer based on their previous purchases and browsing history on your store’s website. This will help increase the likelihood of them repurchasing from you again in the future!

Product feeds

You can create product feeds in bulk using our simple drag-and-drop interface so that they can be shared with other retailers who sell similar products on their websites (eBay). This will help increase the exposure of your business and increase sales at the same time!

GetResponse and WordPress

When you use GetResponse with WordPress, you can connect your blog to your email marketing platform and make it easier for your readers to subscribe to your email list.

When someone subscribes to your email list on WordPress, they’ll be automatically subscribed in GetResponse. That way, you don’t have to manually add them and manage their signup process—you can just focus on posting great content!

You can also create autoresponders in GetResponse that will automatically send out emails when people subscribe. That way, when someone subscribes, they won’t have to wait for you to manually send them an email—they’ll receive one right away!


GetResponse’s List Building can manage your email lists, manage your email lists, and help you keep track of what your subscribers are interested in.

GetResponse provides an easy way to add new subscribers to your list when they sign up for one of your campaigns. You can also import your existing subscriber lists from Google Analytics, MailChimp, Facebook or any other source. You may want to set up a “wishlist” option so that users can submit their email address without having to enter in the same information again.

GetResponse allows you to organize your contacts by category or tags so that it is easier for you to send targeted messages based on their interests. For example, if someone has bought a product from you in the past but has not made any purchases recently, then you may want to send them a special offer or coupon code just in case they might be interested again soon.

Landing pages

Landing pages are the pages that your potential customers land on when they click on your ads. They are the first impression that your potential customers have of your business, and landing pages should be designed to attract visitors, so that you can convert them into leads and ultimately sales.

With GetResponse, you can create fantastic pages without any expert IT skills or a web developer.

You can create landing pages that are responsive and look great on mobile devices. You can also use the drag-and-drop editor or elements to create your landing page. This lets you choose from a wide variety of templates, including ones for lead magnets and email courses.

The builder makes it easy to add images and videos, as well as other elements like forms and buttons. With GetResponse, you don’t need to be an IT expert to build beautiful and functional landing pages—the builder takes care of most of the work for you!

GetResponse’s Landing Page Builder has been designed to make it quick and easy to build your own landing page. You just choose the type of page you want (such as sales page, squeeze page or blog post), and then choose from different layouts and themes to get started. Then all you have to do is add your content—it’s that simple!

Manage account

You can also manage your account and get in touch with GetResponse customer support. You can do the following:

  • Manage contacts
  • Manage campaigns and forms
  • Create landing pages, websites, web push notifications, and webinars.

Mobile apps

The mobile app for Android and iOS is a great way to manage your campaigns on the go. It has all of the features of the Web app, so you can use it to send emails, manage lists, view reports and more.

If you’ve got a free account with GetResponse, you’ll get access to the GetResponse Mail app which lets you manage your email marketing campaigns on the go. Paid accounts receive an additional benefit: The GetResponse Campaigns app that allows users to create and send new campaigns from their phone (or tablet).

Paid ads

GetResponse offers a variety of paid ads that can be used to promote your email marketing campaigns and boost your sales. Paid ads can take the form of text ads, video ads, or display ads.

You can use GetResponse’s paid ads to drive traffic to landing pages on your website by setting up specific ad campaigns with one or multiple advertising networks.

Partner programs

Partner programs are an effective way to earn extra revenue from referrals and affiliate programs. GetResponse offers two types of partner programs:

Pricing and billing

There are two types of plans: paid and free. If you want to use GetResponse as a self-hosted service, then you need to pay for it. The pricing starts at $19/month (or $179/year) with unlimited subscribers and emails sent per month.

The company offers a 14-day free trial so that users can test their product before they decide whether or not it suits their needs. Keep in mind however that if there is any payment associated with your subscription, even just an automated payment plan, GetResponse will charge you during your trial period even though they don’t charge until after the end of the first 30 days of usage (meaning that if you cancel before then, there won’t be any charges).


GetResponse reports provide you with a clear picture of your marketing activities, helping you to make informed decisions about your email marketing strategy. GetResponse reports are available in the dashboard, which means you can keep an eye on your account no matter where you are.

GetResponse reports come in two varieties: Campaign Performance and List Performance. The former gives you detailed information about every aspect of a campaign from open rates to unsubscribe requests, while the latter shows how individual subscribers fared in terms of engagement (e.g., clicks or opens) and bounce rates.


SMS is a great way to reach your customers.

It’s also a great way to deliver marketing messages, transactional messages and alerts.

Stores and products

GetResponse stores and products are a great way to sell your products. They’re also a great way to sell your services, or even your digital products.

Web push notifications

Web push notifications are one of the most powerful features of GetResponse. You can use them to notify users about a new product, special offer or upcoming event. This is especially great for e-commerce stores that want to keep their customers up-to-date with the latest promotions.

Web push notifications are delivered via a browser and they can be used to deliver the same message to multiple users in one go!


  • Webinars are a great way to get your message out, and people love them. It’s the second-best way to build your brand besides social media.
  • Companies can use webinars for lead generation, customer engagement and much more.
  • Webinars are a perfect opportunity for live events such as Q&A sessions or interviews with experts in the field.

GetResponse is not only an email automation tool, it is a complete automated marketing and sales platform.

GetResponse is not only an email automation tool, it is a complete automated marketing and sales platform. It has everything you need to start your business from scratch, including email marketing, landing pages and web forms builder, social media sharing tools and much more.

This comprehensive automation platform can make you forget about the stress of manual marketing by automating all your campaigns for you!


I hope this overview has piqued your interest in GetResponse’s features. With everything that GetResponse offers, it’s an easy choice for anyone who needs to automate all aspects of their marketing and sales processes. With its intuitive interface, powerful automation, and affordable pricing plans, GetResponse is a great fit for businesses of all sizes. I highly recommend trying out our free 30-day trial to see which plan suits your needs best!

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