What are GetResponse Autofunnels? A Complete guide

What are GetResponse Autofunnels? A Complete guide

The name “autofunnel” might make it sound like you’re going to get a Ferrari or a brand-new convertible, but what we have in mind is even better. With GetResponse Autofunnels, you’ll be able to generate leads, get sales and build engagement with your audience – all without spending months creating your own funnel.

An autofunnel is an easier way to grow your business.

Autofunnels are a new feature that makes it easy to create and manage campaigns. They are also a great way to generate leads, build engagement, and generate sales! You can use autofunnels as part of your existing strategy or as a standalone solution. They’re perfect for businesses looking for an automated way to grow their businesses with less effort than ever before.

GetResponse has new autofunnels – and they’re awesome.

Autofunnels are new to GetResponse and they’re the best way to use your autoresponder for lead generation.

Unlike funnels, which are set up by your account manager before you begin sending emails, autofunnels are created as you go. You can create them in the same way that you create an email sequence: just click on ‘Create Autofill’ in Campaign Builder and choose how many steps (or pages) it should have.

The difference between landing pages and autofunnels is that autofunnels don’t actually have their own web address – they just drive traffic from a direct link from one of your email campaigns or landing pages using a unique tracking code. This means that when someone clicks on that link, they will be automatically redirected to another page (or section) of content within the same site without having to enter any additional information such as name or email address first!

This makes them ideal for lead generation because users don’t have time during reading through emails/blogs/newsletters etcetera so wouldn’t necessarily remember where they were before hitting the “back” button on the browser screen.

Create an autofunnel on GetResponse in four simple steps.

GetResponse Autofunnels are a simple way to automate your email marketing. They allow you to create a series of emails that will automatically be sent out to your list in a sequence. For example, you could create an autofunnel that sends out a welcome email when someone subscribes, then follow up with a series of emails over the course of the next few weeks or months.

To create an autofunnel, you need to first create an email campaign. You can do this by visiting the “Campaigns” page on GetResponse and clicking “New Campaign” in the top right corner. Next, choose whether you want to use an existing list or add new subscribers by clicking “Email this campaign” under “Who should receive my message?” Then click “Create Campaign” at the bottom of the page.

Once you have created your campaign, go back to the main dashboard and click “Automation” from the left-hand menu. You will see all of your campaigns listed here—just click on any one of them to open it up for editing! You’ll notice that each campaign has three tabs—settings, actions, and triggers—at at which point we can begin creating our autofunnel!

In order to set up your autofunnel, first go into settings by clicking on its tab at the top of the page. Here we can choose what types of emails we want to send out and when they should be sent out (for example: maybe you only want people who have visited your website multiple times within a week). We can also decide whether or not we want an action attached to each email; this is where things get really interesting!

The action section allows us to set up different emails according to different conditions that are met within our campaign. 

For example: let’s say you have a certain offer on your site that expires in 20 days. If someone visits your website after seeing this offer but doesn’t purchase it within 10 days, they won’t get it anymore because it will expire soon! If they visit again after 10 days but don’t purchase anything, then they’ll automatically receive another email from GetResponse asking if there’s anything else they would like to buy before the offer ends! This way you can build up trust with customers and make sure that everyone who visits your website has seen all available offers before being redirected elsewhere (whether for lack of interest or simply lack of time).

How are they different from a funnel?

Autofunnels are funnel templates, but you don’t have to pay for them. You can create your own autofunnel and save it in your account as a template, which means that you can use it again in the future. Or if you want to share one of your autofunnels with others who have signed up for the same list, they can download it from your profile page and use it themselves.

It doesn’t matter what type of business or industry you run—an autofunnel will help you increase sales and leads based on the needs of your customers.

Add more leads with content upgrades.

You can use content upgrades to add more value to your content.

A lot of marketers think that adding value is only about giving away freebies and discounts, but it’s not just about that. When you offer something for free, you need to provide a ton more value than what the customer will get if they don’t buy from you. That’s why it’s important that whatever freebie or discount you give them has a lot of value in itself.

But what are some other ways besides offering discounts and coupons?

An easy way is using content upgrades. You can create a piece of valuable information related to your product or service, then deliver it through an email autoresponder sequence after someone subscribes through one of your lead magnets on GetResponse autofunnels!

Generate leads, get sales and build engagement with GetResponse Autofunnels.

With GetResponse Autofunnels, you can generate leads, get sales and build engagement with your customers.

Autofunnels are a set of pre-built funnels that come with various landing pages, emails, thank you pages and other tools to help you run your campaigns in an efficient manner. With Autofunnels, you can create campaigns that match the needs of each audience segment. There are more than 50 different Autofunnels available for different niches.

The best part about using Autofunnels is that they are completely customizable. You can add or remove different elements from each funnel to suit your needs. You can also adjust the flow of information from one step to another to suit your campaign requirements. This makes it easy for you to create an effective marketing campaign without having to spend hours setting up the entire thing yourself!

Use your Autofunnels to:

  • Generate leads through sequential emails that guide prospects through the buying funnel.
  • Get sales by sending follow-up emails after someone has made a purchase from your store or site.
  • Build engagement by automating drip campaigns with personalized messages throughout the customer lifecycle


Autofunnels are a great way for you to create simple sequences that help you grow your leads, sales and engagement. But what’s more, they’re a great way for you to build relationships with your customers. In fact, we think of them as the lazy marketer’s best friend! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to give autofunnels a try and see how they can help you grow your business!

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