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7 Reasons to Switch From MailChimp to ActiveCampaign

If you’re using MailChimp, then chances are that you’re losing out on a few things. While it’s one of the best email marketing tools on the market now, there are certain areas where MailChimp falls short. This is why you need to switch to ActiveCampaign — seriously. Here is a look at how ActiveCampaign is better than MailChimp, and how you can use it for your own email marketing campaigns.

It seems more and more that you’re hearing about ActiveCampaign where MailChimp used to be. It’s hard to get a real review of ActiveCampaign when there are so many sites promoting MailChimp.

ActiveCampaign is easier to use

The first reason why you should switch from MailChimp to ActiveCampaign is that its interface is much simpler to use than that of MailChimp. You can create and send campaigns in just a few clicks, whereas in MailChimp you have to go through several steps before getting your email out there.

The activecampaign interface is clean and simple, which makes it easy for your subscribers to navigate through their inboxes without any problems.

Email automation is more than just a dream

In order to create automated email campaigns in MailChimp, you need to have a good understanding of coding and programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, in ActiveCampaign all you need is drag and drop features which makes it easy for beginners to create email campaigns within minutes. In addition, their built-in templates are also very helpful for creating custom design without any coding knowledge.

Better segmentation

Segmentation is important when running an effective campaign because it allows you to send targeted messages to specific subscribers based on their interests and needs. With MailChimp, creating segments can be confusing and time-consuming because it requires coding knowledge or using third party tools such as Zapier or Google Sheets integration which may not be available in some cases. However, with ActiveCampaign, creating segments is simple and straightforward since they have pre-built templates which can be customized easily according to your needs without having any technical skills at all!

Active Campaign has machine learning-based predictions

MailChimp uses a simple algorithm to determine if an email will be delivered or not. If the IP address isn’t on the blacklist and there are no connection issues, it should be delivered. It doesn’t take into account any other factors like if it’s a personal email address or if the user has recently unsubscribed from some emails from your company.

ActiveCampaign uses machine learning to predict if an email will be delivered or not before it is even sent out. This allows you to send better targeted emails that are less likely for your recipients to mark as spam or unsubscribe from.

ActiveCampaign uses machine learning algorithms to predict what campaigns will perform best. MailChimp only uses manual testing for this purpose, which means that it takes more time for them to send a campaign and get the results back. This means that you have to wait longer before you can find out whether or not your campaign was successful or not.

MailChimp uses human editors who make all the decisions on what emails you send and when. This means that there’s a chance that an email might be sent out at an inconvenient time for the reader or it could be delayed by several hours or even days if the editor is on vacation.

ActiveCampaign uses machine learning algorithms, so it can automatically predict when people will open your emails and only send them then.

ActiveCampaign has a much better support

MailChimp offers excellent customer support but it is not as good as ActiveCampaign’s customer support team. ActiveCampaign’s customer support team is more responsive and helpful than MailChimp’s customer support team. They will respond quickly when you have any issues with your account or campaign and provide solutions in a timely manner. Their online help section does not have detailed tutorials like MailChimp but it does have useful articles on how to set up your account properly so that you don’t experience any problems during the setup process.

You Can Get More From Your Subscribers With Lead Scoring & Automations

MailChimp doesn’t give you much flexibility when it comes to automating your campaigns. You can’t create segments based on subscriber behavior or create rules based on information collected from subscribers (e.g., if they abandoned their cart).

In addition, MailChimp doesn’t offer lead scoring or dynamic content personalization (so every subscriber gets the same message). All these things are possible with ActiveCampaign, which makes it easier to stay engaged with your audience

More Flexible Pricing

ActiveCampaign offers several plans that can fit any budget. You can start with their Basic plan for as low as $29/month or go all out with their Ultimate plan at $99/month which comes with unlimited subscribers and emails.


ActiveCampaign has many benefits over MailChimp, and you should make the switch today.

ActiveCampaign is a better solution to MailChimp. It’s difficult to argue otherwise, and switching to AC should be a no-brainer. A lot of the features that MailChimp doesn’t have can be added on via integrations (and there are numerous free integrations that are worth checking out).

Even if you don’t want to use any additional bells and whistles, ActiveCampaign will still be an upgrade over their competitors. With great templates, easy-to-use automation, helpful support, and lower costs for power users, I think it’s safe to say that MailChimp needs to step up its game.

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