GetResponse: A Holistic Review in 2022

19 Questions About GetResponse: A Holistic Review in 2022

GetResponse is useful in many ways, so it’s understandable that you would want to use it. But with so much information available, how can you know whether GetResponse is right for your business?

GetResponse is well known as a company that integrates email marketing and other automations into an effective customer marketing platform. What’s not as well known is how GetResponse will maintain its position as the market leader in 2023. The purpose of this article is to answer the most important questions about GetResponse in 2022.

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What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is a powerful email marketing tool that helps you build and manage your own email marketing campaigns. The platform is popular among ordinary users, business owners, and marketers alike for its ease of use, robust features and affordable pricing plans. Here are a few things you should know about GetResponse before you start using it:

  • It’s easy to get started.
  • You can use the platform in several ways:
  • Create customer lists from your customer data or import contacts from another source (e.g., Google Ads) into GetResponse to create an engaging email campaign targeting them specifically;
  • Send bulk emails with personalized content;
  • Use autoresponders to send out automated messages based on time triggers (e.g., when someone reads an email)
  • Create stunning landing pages with unique templates available only with GetResponse.

Does GetResponse offer A/B Testing capabilities?

Yes, GetResponse offers A/B testing capabilities for all of its plans. You can test different versions of your email content and see which one performs better. This is an excellent way to improve your email marketing campaigns and make them more effective! You can test different subject lines, content, and even the layout of your emails.

How do you use GetResponse autoresponder?

Autoresponders are a great way to send personalized messages to your subscribers. Here’s how you can set them up:

  • Set up an autoresponder. Click “Create new message” and choose the type of Autoresponder you want to create – Welcome, Follow Up, or Other.
  • Add personalization elements such as a name or greeting line, images, text fields and links.
  • Insert any number of emails into your series (up to 50). This can be done by adding each email manually or importing them from another list in GetResponse via CSV file. 

What is the limit to total emails that can be sent at once on GetResponse?

You can send up to 25,000 emails at once on GetResponse.

  • There is a limit of 10,000 emails per month, for beginner’s level. 
  • You can send up to 40,000 emails per year if you pay for yearly plans and have been a customer for at least 90 days.
  • You can send up to 25,000 emails per month and up to 100,000 emails per year if you pay for quarterly or annual plans but have been a customer for less than 90 days (i.e., the first time).

Can I send mass email using GetResponse I get a high deliverability rate?

Yes, you can send mass emails using GetResponse. The provider offers an email autoresponder series feature that is easy to set up and make changes to. The deliverability rate of emails will depend on many factors like the audience segmentation and content of your emails.

Can I integrate GetResponse with Squarespace, Shopify and WordPress? 

Yes, you can integrate GetResponse with Squarespace, Shopify and WordPress. GetResponse offers both a Shopify and WordPress plugin, as well as a Squarespace app. The plugins are free and easy to install. 

Is GetResponse mobile responsive?

Yes, GetResponse is mobile responsive. You can use it on the go and access it from your phone, tablet or desktop. You can even access it from your laptop or notebook if you want. It’s that simple! 

What are GetResponse Autofunnels?

Autofunnels are a series of autoresponders that are triggered by certain actions. For example, you can create an autoresponder series for people who subscribe to your email list. Then, the system will send them a welcome email and then continue sending emails after that according to your schedule. Autofunnels help you to automate your email marketing campaigns in GetResponse because they can be used as either standalone or built-in options with other tools like GetResponse forms, landing pages and ads campaigns (more on these later). 

So what exactly are they? Well let’s dive right in – Here is an article that explains what a GetResponse Autofunnel is and how it can generate you leads.

What are GetResponse conversion funnels?

Setting up a conversion funnel in GetResponse is simple, but there are some important steps you need to follow, especially when it comes to setting up your landing pages.

The first thing you should do is create a campaign and choose the “cold traffic” option under the type of campaign. This will allow for emails that have not been opened or clicked on within 30 days or more (or if they haven’t opened or clicked on any previous emails in that time period), so they will be sent directly into your email marketing software.

Next, set up an A/B test between two different landing pages (or three if you want). Test out which one converts better based on click-through rate and conversion rate by choosing one page over another while sending those who didn’t convert as expected through a separate flow where they can opt-in again with an incentive like an ebook download attached at the end of their signup process. This way, you’ll always know which page converts better so that next time around everything goes smoothly!

How good are the landing pages for GetResponse?

GetResponse Landing Pages give you everything you need to create effective landing pages that will help you reach your marketing goals: more sales, more leads, and more conversions. You’ll have access to a full library of landing page templates suitable for all industries and niches, including video landing pages. And the best part? You can easily create and customize your landing page with intuitive drag-and-drop tools.

GetResponse has over 100 templates, including video landing pages, to choose from.

GetResponse has over 100 templates, including video landing pages, to choose from. You can customize these templates in both the editor and with your own HTML/CSS code. GetResponse’s landing pages are mobile-friendly and responsive so your visitors can view them on their phone or tablet without having to zoom in or scroll around (which is important because users now spend more time on mobile devices than desktop).

The templates are also easy to set up: all you need to do is enter your copy, pick a color scheme and add social media icons. You’ll be able to add all of this information in the editor or with custom CSS code if you want more control. But even if you don’t know what CSS stands for – no worries! The detailed editing page allows you to change colors, fonts and sizes directly on the page without needing any technical knowledge whatsoever (this makes things easy for beginners).

Finally – keep in mind that all of GetResponse’s templates come with data fields already built into them so all you have left after creating your landing page is filling out those fields with useful information like price points and buying options; this will help maximize conversions!

You can customize any template as needed—change the text, change the color scheme, add images, videos, and more.

  • The templates are easy to customize. You can change the text, change the color scheme, add images, videos and more.
  • The templates are responsive. They look good on all devices—even mobile phones!
  • The templates are mobile-friendly. They’ll load quickly because they’re optimized for speed (no slowdowns!)
  • The templates are SEO-friendly: they have built-in schema markup so Google will recognize them as being related to your business or industry when people search for similar terms online

You can also use your own HTML to customize your landing page design.

You can also use your own HTML to customize your landing page design. This is useful if you want to create a mobile or tablet-friendly version of your landing page, for example.

  • You can modify any part of the template with GetResponse’s HTML editor (or any other HTML editor).
  • The CSS files within the template are also editable using GetResponse’s WYSIWYG editor (the “Custom CSS Editor”).
  • If you wish to add custom JavaScript code that modifies how elements on the landing page interact with each other and their environment (e.g., tracking codes), then go ahead! Just remember that they need not interfere with any existing functionality in order for them not break anything else down on your site.

Create landing pages easily with a drag-and-drop editor.

  • You can use a drag-and-drop editor to create your landing pages.
  • With the drag and drop editor, you can add images or videos to your pages, edit text, change colors, add a call to action button, and even create forms and landing page templates.
  • It’s easy to create stunning looking landing pages with GetResponse’s drag-and-drop builder: just select the element you want on your page and then drag it into place in the preview window.

Create mobile-friendly landing pages that look great on any screen or device.

Mobile-friendly landing pages are a must, especially with the growing popularity of mobile devices. The last thing you want is for your visitors to have a bad user experience when they’re trying to find information on your site.

In addition to being responsive and easy to navigate on mobile devices, landing pages should be compatible with popular browsers. This includes Safari and Chrome for iOS users, as well as Android’s default browser and other popular third-party browsers like Firefox or Dolphin HD.

GetResponse Landing Pages analytics 

GetResponse Landing Pages analytics will help you see what’s working and what isn’t so you can make informed decisions about your business. With the GetResponse app, you have access to powerful information that can be used to improve any landing page campaign.

With GetResponse analytics, you’ll get:

  • A detailed list of all your clicks, leads and sales generated by each landing page in your account. This includes data on things like source, device type and location.
  • Advanced segmentation reports that show how different groups of visitors interact with different parts of a website or email campaign – whether they opened an email or clicked through from a social media ad or link – so that you can tailor future campaigns more effectively based on this insight into how people use them right now.

Is Getresponse good for affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketers can use GetResponse as well. It is a great option for affiliate marketing because it offers a range of features to help you build your business. These include:

  • A/B testing tools
  • Campaigns that are optimized for mobile devices, which are increasingly used by consumers when searching the web and making purchases
  • Customized landing pages that can be tailored to match your brand’s look and feel

What is the getresponse automation workflow?

The GetResponse automation workflow is a combination of a series of emails that are sent to the same customer over time. You can use this feature to send follow-up emails, promotional messages, and other automated communications. You can also create an automated campaign that sends out a sequence of different email types (like welcome, post-purchase, etc.).

The GetResponse automation workflow includes:

  • Step 1 – Select the type of email you want to send in your automated campaign
  • Step 2 – Choose which contact should receive the message and when
  • Step 3 – Define how often this email will be sent out

Here is a more detailed article that would help you understand the GetResponse Automation Process.

Can I automate my emails based on customer actions with GetResponse? 

Automation is one of the best features of GetResponse. It allows you to send automatic emails based on customer actions, such as when they view a page or add an item to their cart and then abandon it. You can also set up automated emails based on user behaviors, such as if a customer doesn’t buy within a specific time frame or spends less than $10 in a given month.

Using automation is easy; all you have to do is go into your campaign editor and choose the action you want your subscribers to take: add item(s) or make purchase (or any other type of action). Then choose what action should happen once that happens (send an email after X number of days/hours/minutes). If no action has been taken by the subscriber within X number of days/hours/minutes, then another email will be automatically sent out with different content highlighting why it’s important for them not only to order now but also leave their contact information so we can follow up with them individually once their order arrives at our warehouse.

I have my own list of contacts. Can I import them into getresponse with 1 click instead of adding them one by one in the software?

You can import your own list of contacts with one click.

To do that, you need to use a CSV file or a .txt file that contains all the information about your contacts (email address and first name). In any case, the software will automatically create a group for each contact you add in this way because it doesn’t know how many recipients you have. However, if the number of contacts is large enough, it may take time to import them into GetResponse.

Can I sell products directly from within my emails using the software instead of just sending traffic to another website to buy from (e.g. Amazon or Shopify)?

Yes, you can sell products directly from within your emails using the software. You can also use the software to send traffic to another website (e.g., Amazon) to buy from. Or you can use the software to send traffic directly to your own website and have them purchase a product through that site.

In fact, there are many options for selling products within your email marketing campaigns with GetResponse:

  • You can create an affiliate program where people earn commissions on sales they refer through their opt-in forms or links within emails they create using their account (you’ll need a separate landing page URL).
  • You can also include links in emails that go straight back out into the marketplace so customers can find products they want directly through search engines like Google.

What are the features of GetResponse?

GetResponse has several features that allow you to market your business. GetResponse is not only an email automation tool, it is a complete automated marketing and sales platform. We list out all of the GetResponse features useful to you in this article. 

Does GetResponse have the best email autoresponder series feature that is easy to set up and make changes to?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! GetResponse has a simple email autoresponder series feature that is easy to set up and make changes to.

The email autoresponder series feature allows you to create an unlimited number of email template sequences in your campaigns, which automatically send emails on behalf of you or your team. You can easily schedule when each sequence should be sent out, and choose whether the entire sequence should be sent out at once or just one message at a time. There are many different ways you can use this feature—for example, it’s great if you’re trying to build relationships with subscribers over time because they’ll get messages from your company every now and then instead of overwhelming them all at once with lots of different emails right away!


According to our analysis, it’s clear that GetResponse has a lot of features and they are easy to use. Their prices are also reasonable. For business owners who want to build their email lists, set up autoresponder series or run their own affiliate program, the tool may be helpful for them. We will leave it up to the reader if there is another tool out there that might suit their needs better though!

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