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10 Things Your Chosen Best Email Marketing Tool Should Be Able to Do

Can you imagine throwing the best party of your life without a crowd? Sure, you could invite all your friends, but even still, there’s no guarantee they’ll show up. That’s basically how email marketing feels when you’re sending out emails to people and no one’s opening them — or worse, not even seeing them! We’re talking 12-28% opt-in rates with some of the world’s biggest brands. And if you choose to spend hours crafting custom sales funnels and template emails and send them all out at once, forget it — you might as well book a stay at a mental hospital.

Choose a tool to do the essential for you and monitor your party as you plan your business’s next steps!

Here are 10 things the Best Email Marketing Tool should be able to do:

Seamlessly create forms to collect leads and contacts

This is a critical feature that all email marketing tools should be able to do well. It should be easy to create forms, and it should be simple to place those forms on your website.

ActiveCampaign does this seamlessly. When you’re creating an email campaign in ActiveCampaign, you can add a form just by clicking the button and typing in some info about what kind of form you want (namely: how many fields?). You can even connect the form with a Google spreadsheet if that’s your jam! 

The point is that this part of ActiveCampaign is dead simple, which means it’ll save you time and energy down the line as well.

Track your subscribers’ behavior and interests

When you use ActiveCampaign, you get to track your subscribers’ behavior and interests. This is possible because of the custom fields that are provided in the system. 

These allow you to capture more data about each subscriber, which can be used for segmenting them or creating personalized campaigns. It also helps in creating more relevant content for each segmented group, and it does not allow any other purpose such as tracking your competitors or spying on people who did not sign up for your email list.

Easily segment your contacts based on the data you collect

Segmentation is a key component to any digital marketing strategy. It helps you send targeted, relevant emails to the right people in your audience.

In addition to being able to use segmentation personally, you can also use it with your list segments. For example, if you have an email list of people that are interested in learning more about product updates, they will receive emails from you on this topic. And if someone has already purchased something from your store before and didn’t like it because there wasn’t enough information provided or they couldn’t figure out how it works, then they won’t see these types of emails anymore because their previous behavior shows them not being interested in this kind of content either way (they probably unsubscribed).

This prevents wasting time on sending messages that aren’t relevant for certain segments which would otherwise be wasted effort but also prevents damaging brand reputation by sending unwanted offers/content as well as wasting resources (time/money) when sending these types of emails every month without knowing whether anyone cares about them at all – therefore decreasing overall ROI significantly!

With ActiveCampaign, you can also create segments based directly on the information you’ve collected about your contacts – for example, if each contact has told you their age or gender, you can create a group from that information. Or if someone tells you they’re interested in golf, you can set up a segment for them based on that information. This makes sure that you’re sending out only relevant emails, so people aren’t getting unnecessary junk mail from you.

The best part is that it’s easy to use ActiveCampaign within your WordPress site – activecampaign integrates perfectly with WordPress sites, and automatically collects the necessary data from your site’s forms to create the segments you need in order. 

Create automatic workflows to nurture your leads into customers.

One of the best features of ActiveCampaign is its ability to create automated workflows in your marketing emails.

This means you can automatically send a series of emails to different groups or users based on their actions. For example, if someone unsubscribes from one of your email campaigns, they will be automatically added to another campaign with content that addresses the specific issues they had with the previous campaign. 

You can also set up automations based on specific time periods or event triggers (e.g., when someone clicks on an email link). Workflows are particularly useful for nurturing leads and turning them into customers by providing relevant information over time, rather than bombarding them with sales pitches right away.

In addition to automated emails, workflow rules allow you to do things like set up drip campaigns where users receive different messages at different intervals based on how long they’ve been subscribed; this way if someone signs up for an email list but doesn’t open any messages within 24 hours then you know that person isn’t interested enough yet so don’t waste money sending them more emails!

Use powerful “if/then” automation to grow your business

They say that if you want to make your business grow, you need to automate your marketing. Why?

For one, because it’s a time-saving mechanism. For instance, let’s say you’re running an ecommerce store and have just launched a new product but don’t have the time or skills to do all the marketing work yourself. The best way would be to set up “if/then” statements which would automatically send out emails based on certain actions taken by your customers (such as adding items in cart). This can help save you hours of work each week as well as free up more time for other tasks like improving quality control measures or learning more about SEO techniques.

Another great thing about automation is that it allows businesses across different industries use templates from others who’ve already tried them out successfully before them—and improve upon them! Many companies do this by using templates from others without giving credit or linking back since they don’t want potential customers finding out about where they got their ideas from; however if everyone did this openly then everyone would benefit equally since there would be no competition between providers anymore.

Choose from a large library of email templates created by top designers.

To help you get started, ActiveCampaign provides a large library of email templates. The templates are designed to look good on desktop, mobile, and tablet so your emails display well no matter where they’re viewed. They can be easily customized to match your brand’s colors and tone.

The templates were created by some of the best designers in the business. They’ve been coded to ensure they’re mobile-friendly as well as easy-to-read on any device. You’ll also see that all of these emails have been designed with one goal in mind: to drive engagement and sales for your business.

They’ve got different styles depending on what type of business you run or what industry you work in—and there are even options for non-profits! Once you select a template for an email campaign (or create one from scratch), ActiveCampaign makes it easy for anyone with access to send out messages without having to worry about coding HTML code themselves.

Send personalized emails that turn customers into loyal fans

Send personalized emails that turn customers into loyal fans.

You know your subscribers’ names and what they like, so make the most of it by sending them relevant content.

 ActiveCampaign allows you to write emails that are customized based on the subscriber’s name and interests, which means they’ll feel special when they receive an email from you.

If a customer has bought a product before, or if they’ve made an order recently, include them in your marketing strategy by offering them something special or exclusive — like discounts or new products added to your store.

Track how your email campaigns impact sales with detailed reporting

A lot of email marketing tools provide you with the ability to track how much revenue your emails are generating, but they don’t tell you how many emails actually get opened or if they’re getting any clicks. ActiveCampaign goes much further than that and gives you detailed reporting on the performance of each campaign.

This feature is especially important when it comes to tracking ROI (return on investment). You won’t know if an email campaign is successful until after it’s been sent, so being able to see the results immediately is essential for making adjustments and improving future campaigns.

When building an email marketing strategy, one of the most important things to do is learn from past mistakes. This can be done by analyzing what worked well in previous campaigns (and what didn’t), then incorporating those lessons into future ones. 

With detailed reporting from ActiveCampaign, it’s easy for marketers who are just starting out with their own businesses as well as more experienced veterans who want an edge over their competitors.

Build landing pages that drive higher conversions

Let’s take a look at the best practices for building landing pages.

Use a simple template. Using templates is one of the easiest ways to make sure your landing page looks great and works well on all devices, whether it’s mobile or desktop.

Try using ActiveCampaign’s free Premium Templates or creating something from scratch with their drag-and-drop builder tool.

Include social proof. Social proof is extremely important for higher conversions because it proves to people that other people have already bought into your product or service, which makes them more likely to do so themselves!

You can use features like testimonials and case studies on your website in order to include this kind of information about how others have benefited from using your product/service in their marketing materials (which you can also include on any other digital assets such as infographics).

It’s also helpful if you’re able  to get reviews from customers via email campaigns as well since they’ll be more likely  to share their experience with friends/family members who might be looking into buying something similar soon enough!

Write compelling headlines. Headlines are one of most important parts about any form of content creation because they usually help determine whether or not someone will actually read further into whatever piece has been written down before hand – especially if there isn’t enough incentive given just yet based off what was said within those first few lines alone! Make sure yours contains some sort  of element that’ll catch people’s attention right away when viewing what otherwise might feel like mere text versus anything else.

Access expert marketing advice and content tailored to you

ActiveCampaign is a top-rated email marketing tool that helps you send more personalized emails, while being easy to use and affordable. You can easily manage your contacts, create campaigns, and track your results all in one place.

The team at ActiveCampaign also offers great customer support. They have detailed knowledge of the product, which they share with their users through blog posts at their website blog section or through social media such as Twitter (@ActiveCampaign).

in Conclusion – ActiveCampaign is the best marketing tool for most online businesses

If you’re an online business, ActiveCampaign is the best marketing tool for you. ActiveCampaign is a cloud-based email marketing service that helps small businesses grow and scale their online presence through email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and automated workflows.

ActiveCampaign makes it easy for you to:

  • Create beautiful emails with drag-and-drop templates (like this one)
  • Segment your subscribers based on interests, behaviors, or anything else you want
  • Automatically send scheduled drip campaigns based on custom rules
  • Integrate with hundreds of other applications through Zapier integrations

So let us know your thoughts and if you want another product reviewed on similar parameters!

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